Of the Woods Gravity Colonic method.




This system uses gravity to allow water to enter the bowels, making it a much gentler approach than other systems which use machines, pressure and motors. The flow of water helps to stimulate the colon muscle and encourages your body to do the work, which means your muscles will become stronger over time instead of becoming dependent on the system. Every session is unique depending on what’s going on in the body and Marianna will guide you through the entire process, personalizing the experience to assist you.



Why are colonics beneficial?




Our digestive system is designed to eliminate waste from the body, but after generations of following a poor diet of processed, overly cooked, heavy foods we have become less efficient in doing so. Colonics help to eliminate excess waste, toxins, mucus and parasites, resulting in less bloating, more regular bowel movements, clearer skin, less inflammation and more energy.

Too often we see people diagnosed with ailments such as IBS, eczema, psoriasis, PCOS and even cancer when their heavily impacted bowels have been overlooked. Many of these issues can be healed by following an elimination diet and getting regular colonics. What we get out of the body is just as important as what we put in!

There are records throughout history of native civilizations performing bowel cleansing practices. It is said to have originated in Ancient Egypt, after witnessing the ibis bird administer enemas on itself using it’s long beak! The practice was also mentioned by Jesus in the bible, and the ancient yogis were known to go into the river and suck water into the bowels to cleanse themselves. South American shamans even invented colonic devices using Jaguar bladders to hold the water – luckily civilization has come along way since then! Over time we have become disconnected from this practice which has contributed to an increase of sickness and disease in our society.

The colon is approximately 5 feet long and can hold up to 15kg of waste – so even if your bowel movements are regular you can still be holding onto a lot of unnecessary stuff. Colonics are highly beneficial even for those with generally good health as a maintenance practice. They are a great way to look after your gut before any issues arise, instead of waiting till the symptoms are already there.

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“Every tissue is fed by the blood, which is supplied by the intestinal system. When the intestines are dirty, the blood is dirty & so are the organs & tissues. It is the intestinal system that has to be cared for before any effective healing can take place.”

–  Dr Bernard Jensen