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The What:

Our nutrient-dense Starter Juice Cleanse is lovingly hand crafted to help you reset eating habits, eliminate cravings and kick-start a healthy lifestyle, free from toxins, animal products and processed junk foods. It has been specifically designed to suit those new to cleansing or those who want to have a gentle cleansing protocol. Made with vibrant fruits and vegetables, our Starter Juice Cleanse is packed with the nutrients you need to give your body some well deserved nourishment and lovin’ so that you’re glowing from the inside out!

The How:

Our Starter Juice Cleanse is made to be enjoyed in place of your normal food & drink for a period of 1, 3 or 5 consecutive days. The bottles are numbered in the order of consumption for your convenience and we recommend that you enjoy one every 2 – 3 hours from your first juice. Cleansing is achieved through allowing your digestive system to rest by eliminating the need for breaking down foods as well as additives & toxins present in a standard diet. You can enjoy as much filtered water and herbal tea as you like along with your juices.

Our cleanses are most effective when paired with our detox therapies, so make sure you check out our therapies page to see how you can supercharge your cleanse! All cleanse participants will receive $10 off their first Colonic with Marianna! Just show her your cleanse order confirmation at your appointment.



The Daily Juices:

  1. Surya – orange, pineapple, lemon, turmeric
  2. Sirens Song – banana, coconut meat, coconut water, blue spirulina, hemp seeds, date
  3. Summer Glow – watermelon, lime, basil
  4. Anahata – cucumber, mint, kale, apple, celery, cos lettuce
  5. You Make My Heart Beet – beetroot, carrot, ginger, apple and lemon
  6. La Dolce Vita – tomato, basil, celery, date, garlic, onion, salt, pepper


Please Note: Our cleanses are made with seasonal ingredients and are subject to seasonal availability. Where possible, the produce we use is organic, however we may make pesticide-free substitutions when needed.


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