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Heartbeets Health specializes in helping people achieve ultimate health & well-being through deliciously nourishing food and supportive cleansing practices.

Founded by Marianna, we provide organic, plant-based catering, cleanses and meal plans along with colonic hydro therapy to the greater Gold Coast area.

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Meet Marianna

The heart of Heartbeets Health



Marianna is a plant based chef based in Sydney, New South Wales. She has extensively studied raw food and detoxification, gut health, Ayurveda and plant based nutrition and incorporates each of the teachings into her work.

Food to her is a creative outlet as well as an opportunity to heal ourselves and reconnect to nature. She believes that love is the key ingredient and pours her heart and soul into each dish.Marianna’s philosophy is that by changing the way we treat food, from creation to consumption, we can make the world a more loving and connected place.

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